Team Lead


A huge bunch of playing engineering-novices? Too different personas colliding? Ever watchful eyes of professors and supervisors? Handling things nobody expected having to do? Well, there definitely are reasons why there is oftentimes so much emphasis on management and work structure. And there definitely are reasons why the two people of the Team Lead have quite their hands full with work.
Although relying very much on the works and words of the technical subteams, somebody still has to have the whole picture in mind. And occasionally provide the threat of existential perishing to get all the work done on the respective deadlines (They are called like that for some reason…).
And so, the two heads of our science-hydra of an experiment are always looking out that everything is done focused, giving structure and planning to the work packages as well as representing the team outwards together with the (fantastic) PR and Communication.
Presentations, meetings, Gantt charts, planning tables, budgeting, ordering and finding middle grounds are the specialties of our team lead. All these things are then split up between the two; taking rounds in all the grind work and delegating tasks while (when needed) looking good to the outside. Which of the respective things is actually done by at least one of them and not just thrown into the team is now open to interpretation 😉