PR/Outreach and Communication


In space, nobody can hear you scream! Thus, you need some ways to accumulate all the attention you can get. So here they are: The two lunatics (pun intended) who take care of µMoon’s public relations and the communication outwards.
From official mail correspondence, social media, video creation and awkward phone calls, those two brave lads are the point to go. Often unheard themselves, they are giving µMoon the voice it needs. Whenever you saw a presentation, text or post, they had their lightning fast fingers in it and breaking down all the science into beautiful words and pictures (while staying incredibly humble, of course).

The work in communication oftentimes brought unexpected new knowledge to learn, as they never thought to learn about website creation, brokering trade deals, creating and dubbing videos while originally working in an engineering project.
 This way, they keep clear the backs of the team members by performing many of the rather bureaucratic and administrative wet work like establishing Excel sheets and the end-boss-level structure of the SED.

As, unluckily, no invitationals with our supporters are possible right now, the two will soon support the many tests which are still to be conducted. They will be sent to a crane operator seminar and then shall help operating the vacuum chamber.
Adaptive and well-spoken as always: The acting PR, Communication and Crane Operation Managers!