Dario and Mathias

The software is the brain of our experiment. Without it we would not be able to start the evaporation, measure or send the gathered data to the Ground Station. Which also would not exist without the three members of the Software Team.

To reach these goals we needed to learn about software development, signal transmission, data acquisition and much more as we are originating from a course of study rather focussing mechanical engineering.

But as there is nothing a good space technology student could’t learn, we acquired these skills over the intense course of the project timeline up to now.

The results of this is a software pathway which enables the full automation of the experiment after launch, switching to test condition on ground and a ground station with user interface to monitor and control (if needed) the experiment. The functionalities include basic evaluation of the measurement data with a visualization in form of graphs as well as the processing of the signals coming from and to the REXUS Service Module; followed up by commanding the electro-mechanical parts of the experiment setup.

One of the most important things as well is the data acquisition on board with parallel transmission via the REXUS telemetry system to the ground. This gives us two safe instances for gathering the wanted data and completing the experiment.