Severin and Larissa (Picture taken before Covid)

Without usable data our experiment would just be a bunch of metal in space.

Luckily there is the sensor’s team.

Our crew consists of four indispensable members and with help from our high end measurement technology, working with the Seebeck-, piezo-, photoelectric- and the Pirani effect, we will collect important data about temperature, pressure and optical behaviour of our plume.

No science without data, no data without measurement. The plumes on Enceladus can be described by knowing their velocity, composition, form and temperature. As the µMoon setup tries to mimic the natural phenomenon, these values shall be measured. If the similarities are given, we will be able to give a big hint about the validity of the current models.

As mentioned, absolute and differential pressure sensors, thermocouples and thermo-resistant sensors come to use in the harsh environment of the upper atmosphere.