Stefan and Thorben
Felix, Christian and Alex(2)

The Electronics Department of µMoon has the important task to provide the power bringing the experiment to life.
This includes especially the electrical power regulation and distribution to the different parts of the setup as well as handling power spikes and high load situations.

The electrical system is divided in the powerboard, the temperature boards as well as the computing system in form of a Raspberry Pi 4. Except the Raspberry Pi, every board has been self-designed.

With a nominal supply of about 28 V DC, the experiment is performing all its given tasks: Operating the servos, measuring ambient conditions and the plume characteristics, transmitting data to the REXUS Telemetry, recording etc.

Having no thermal convection and extreme air pressure conditions, the components are precisely chosen and then still pushed to their operational limits. Electricity in space is a challenging topic, mastered by our Electronics Team.