The Experiment

Creating a plume of water vapor in space. As easy as it sounds to steam out some water in the upper atmosphere, as hard it is actually to lay out, plan and finally measure such a fluid dynamical phenomenon in the conditions at 80 km altitude, flying at high velocity on a rocket.

Current Adaptations

On receiving the “Start Of Experiment”-signal from the REXUS Service Module, the experiment shall “pre-evaporate” the water composition in its evaporation chamber and then open up to the vastness of space. By flowing through a distinctly laid out nozzle, the vapor then shall form the aimed plume which then is measured with various instrumentations.

The setup design was divided into five major topics which resulted in the forming of the subteams:

Thermodynamics | Mechanics | Electronics | Software | Sensors

The different parts of the experiment each had their own challenges, sciences and specializations coming along. Each department has its role and importancy and would render the rest of the experiment useless if missing.

Result of that is a experiment setup which can be simplifyingly compared to a living being with all its different body parts acting together as one.



Heart of the experiment



Body and Structure



Bloodlines and Energy



Function and Brain



Eyes and Ears