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23rd of March 2021

Well, long time no writing – so now further on!
The project work is getting turned up quite a bit during the next time.
As we shifted some gears down in August, we are currently tighten our schedules again and going for the postponed Verification & Testing phase.
In the last months, we had the time to re-check the designs for optimization potential while keeping them in the already reviewed boundaries. We took time to print and “tinker” some prototype components for rather rough handling and trials; This lead to some minor changes and finally the manufacturing of our specialized parts!

So now, the final integration is under way as well as the preparations for the tests – especially the ones to be conducted in our thermal-vacuum chamber. To be not too dependant on the scientific staff (which also has eonugh own tasks) we were able to send two of our team members on a seminar for obtaining a crane operation permit.
So, the two will be allowed to use all the necessary equipment of the space-tech laboratory and aid the other teams with the needed framework for the verification.
Unintuitively, we sent our PR and Communications Team. But as they aren’t able to visit showrooms or other public events, they can support the progression of the project while the other subteams can work on their tests.

If the schedule can be realized in the most parts, we will have completed most of our verifications by August and so achieve a time buffer for trouble-shooting until the EAR in November.

Furthermore, some of our team members completed their mandatory practical projects as part of the work on µMoon by now and got a step further in completing their studies. The cherry on top is that one of us is able to write his bachelor thesis about his tasks in the team!

Let’s try to keep the pace!

We’ll have you updated 🙂
Spot you soon!


11th of September 2020

Since the last month, many things have changed;

First and maybe most important:
The launch campaign for REXUS 29 and 30 has been postponed to March 2022!

Yes, this actually means that we now have a bit more time for getting everything done. Of course we are a bit sad to be now in the waiting queue, but on the other hand we are now able to really bring our experiment to perfection.

Meaning, we will now thoroughly assemble the experiment and get it functioning, for having it afterwards tested to the bone. We will conduct more tests to gain further data on the background science of the experiment, so we have a broader data foundation which we will use for relating our main experiment’s results.

We completed (and passed!) the Integration Progress Review under the eagle eyes of our responsible REXUS panel members. Though it happened in form of an online meeting, we were able to present our advances in the project as well as we could give a little virtual “room tour” of our facilities. And actually it was quite fun 🙂

But right now, for most of us, we have an intense exam phase ahead as we are still mainly students working through their studies despite all the effort put into the project.

Safe orbiting!

13th of August 2020

Currently, we are working as hard as possible under the given circumstances of Covid-19 restrictions to advance with the assembly of our experiment module. The upcoming Integration Progress Review (IPR) will check up with our updates and advances in the ongoing Assembly/Integration/Testing phase (AIT).

We are very happy to welcome our three new team members from the faculty for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in our project. They already established their expertise quite well. Have fun, lads 🙂

Parallelly, the next exams of our universities come into the sight for most of us. But as we mastered the culmination of both studies and project work before, we’re confident to succeed through this.

Our design is getting more and more solid. 

Flow on safely!

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